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The Case for NRENs


NRENs are essential in providing advan​ced ICT services to the research and education communities. Whilst they are well es​tablished i​​n Europe, countries in other parts of the world face diffic​ult challen​ges persuading stakeholders​​ of the inherent value in oper​atin​​​g an NREN.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for a successful NREN. However, many share similar challenges and can benefit f​​rom being part of a learning and sharing community.

In that spirit we have gathered materials to assist NRENs, particularly novice ones, find the information, messages and tools to demonstrate the role ​​​and value of NRENs and progress towards sustainable organisations.​​​


The portal was developed in response to demand from a number of regional netw​​​​orks where NRENs are starting up to share global experiences and best practice.​



NREN Case Review Group​
Members of the Review Group that compiled this portal include veteran R&E networking professionals and representatives of the regional network organisations from outside Europe.
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What is an NREN?

The Lebanese perspective.

Access pathways to global knowledge

Presentation by Michael Foley at e-AGE17.

The Role and Status of National Research and Education Networks in Africa

This report by Michael Foley on behalf of the World Bank provides guidance to governments, institutions, and development partners on how to approach the provision of ICT services to the higher education and research community in Africa. 

French version.

All you ever wanted to know about Federated Identity management but were afraid to ask
Video tutorials produced by NSRC and GÉANT.

Tapping into Research and Education Networks
This article in the magazine Campus Technology highlights opportunities and challenges for NRENs to cater to the needs of schools in the USA.